Hiroji began his career assisting Magnum

indConfronting fundamental concerns such as life, death and relationships, Shiota explores human existence throughout various dimensions by creating an existence in the absence either in her large-scale thread installations that include a variety of common objects and external memorabilia or through her drawings, sculptures, photography and videos.

“I love beautiful things, and I want to

indWith her netlike environments, Shiota doesn’t work according to a fixed, detailed outline or model prepared beforehand in the studio, but goes where the ball of wool takes her.

Hiroji began his career assisting Magnum

ind“When I create the installation, it is like drawing in the air,” she explains. “When you draw on paper, you don’t make a sketch of what you are going to draw. You just begin to draw. If you draw a wrong line on paper, you can erase it, and when I draw a wrong line with the thread, I can cut it.”

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indShiota likens weaving to a meditative process and allows herself to be guided by the site, creating artwork directly in the museum or gallery space. Usually working with a team of five to 10 assistants for 10 to 14 days on one installation, her movements are rapid and meticulous: sometimes left, sometimes right, passing the thread in front or behind those that have preceded, pulling more or less tightly, creating lines and angles.

Kubota has proved to be a remarkably

indIt’s always a struggle and the weave represents her current mindset: when she’s troubled, the thread tangles erratically and more knots are formed. When she’s in a balanced mood, the weave is more regular.