After leaving his native Japan to move

indYuichi Hibi moved to New York from Japan in 1987, when he was 22. He was an aspiring actor, but spoke no English. For him, the city was bleak, grimy and alienating, the New York of “Taxi Driver” and “Midnight Cowboy,” gritty films he had watched as a teenager in Japan. He spent many late nights sitting in bars, watching people and wanting to be seen as one of them.

After leaving his native Japan to move

indIn 1992, Yuichi Hibi began walking the streets from midnight to dawn with a point-and-shoot camera, recording the Manhattan he had come to love. Intoxicated by the silence and the solitude of the night, in a state of mind akin to meditative ecstasy, his photographs of nighttime Manhattan aim to capture the dreamlike romance of a marathon stroll through the city streets: A man collecting cans in Herald Square, a woman walking her dog on Lexington Avenue, two men conversing at Grand Central Terminal...

After leaving his native Japan to move

indFrom 1995 to 2015, Hibi's photography has appeared in gallery shows, and both private and permanent collections, Including the Philadelphia Museum of Art. His photography books include such works as “imprint” and “NECO”, both published by Nazraeli Press, one of the most prestigious publishers of fine art photography.